Landholder Transfer & Stamp Duties Valuations

Mitchell & Taylor specialise in preparing valuations for landholder duty purposes. We offer experience across all asset types including agribusiness and rural, commercial, industrial, hospitality, retail, energy, mining, oil and gas.


Duty payments are required when transfer of a land asset occurs. As a result, an independent market valuation maybe required to determine the quantum of duty payable by the acquirer.


Stamp Duty Valuations should be prepared in accordance with the stamp duty legislation enacted by each Australian state and territory. A number of jurisdictions have differing legislation especially in the definition of dutiable assets.


Our independent valuation reporting is tailored to reflect the appropriate legislation within each state or territory. Accordingly, our final report will include a clear and concise representation of all physical assets acquired in the transaction, their individual market values and their annexure (if required) to the land.