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Mitchell & Taylor specialise in Mining Valuations as well as resource sector assets within the industry. We are constantly valuing mining companies, so are completely up to date with the industry. Moreover, we have valued a vast array of physical assets including refineries, smelters, beneficiation plants and various open cut and underground mining assets.

More than just Mining Valuations


Resource sector asset values are primarily driven by economic demand. It is essential sound asset renewal and maintenance strategies are employed, irrespective of economic activity,  to ensure optimal asset availability and utilisation occurs when demand outstrips supply.


With these factors in mind, Mitchell & Taylor quantitatively assess the assets operational, physical, functional and economic metrics during their life of mine plan and beyond, in arriving at our market values. So it is this mining financial model & valuation process, that is our point of difference. Consequently, it has resulted in us being engaged by some of the world’s leading resource businesses.

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A sample of the Resource sector assets valued by our team include:

  • Bauxite to Aluminium

    • Bauxite Mines and Beneficiation Plants
    • Alumina Refineries
    • Aluminium Smelting

  • Coal

    • Black Metallurgical Coal Underground and Open Cut Mining, Handling and Processing Plants
    • Black Thermal Coal Underground and Open Cut Mining and Handling Plants
    • Brown Thermal Coal Open Cut Mining and Handling Plants

  • Copper

    • Copper Underground and Open Cut Mines
    • Copper Oxides crushing, heap leaching and electrolysis plants
    • Copper Sulfides concentrators, smelters, refineries

  • Diamonds

    • Diamond Open Cut Mining
    • Diamond Beneficiation Plant

  • Gold

    • Gold Underground and Open Cut Mines
    • Gold Beneficiation/Processing Plants

  • Iron Ore

    • Iron Ore Open Cut Mines
    • Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant, Rail and Port Facilities

  • Lead

    • Lead Underground Mines
    • Lead Benefication Plant /Concentrators, Smelters and Refineries

  • Lithium

    • Lithium Open Cut Mines
    • Lithium Beneficiation and Processing Plants

  • Mineral Sands

    • Mineral Sands Open Cut Mines
    • Mineral Sands Beneficiation and Processing Plants

  • Nickel

    • Nickel Open Cut Oxide and Underground Sulphide Mines
    • Nickel Beneficiation and Processing Plants
    • Nickel Smelters and Refineries

  • Nickel & Cobalt

    • Lateritic Nickel/Cobalt- Strip Mines
    • Hydrometallurgical Processing Plant
    • Low Grade Heap Leaching Plant

  • Silver/Lead/Zinc

    • Silver/Lead/Zinc Underground Mines
    • Zinc Beneficiation Plant/ Concentratorsg
    • Zinc Smelters and Refineries

  • Infrastructure and Development Assets

    • Metallurgical Testing Laboratories
    • Mining Exploration and Drilling Rigs Mining and Construction Contractors
    • Mining Infrastructure including tailings and water dams, pipelines, haul roads, gazetted roads, villages and housing
    • Mining Research and Development Facilities Geophysical Airborne Mapping and Surveying
    • Permanent Mine Development including open cut and underground access

Leaders in Mining Valuations

Mitchell & Taylor are experts in evaluating the worth of mining resources and equipment in Australia. We specialise in assessing the operational, physical, functional, and economic metrics of mining assets to calculate a fair value outcome. Mining valuations require a quantitative approach that factors in all the relevant elements of the mining process, including exploration, mining and equipment.

Mining valuations involve assessing various types of mining, including underground and surface mining, as well as exploration activities. The equipment used in mining varies depending on the type of mining operation. Some of the common equipment used in mining includes drills, excavators, loaders, trucks, and crushers.

To calculate the fair value of mining resources and equipment, Mitchell & Taylor will typically use a range of tools and processes. They may begin by assessing the physical condition of the assets and determining their remaining useful life. This may involve a site inspection to determine any physical damage or wear and tear. They will also consider the operational history of the assets, including their performance, downtime, and maintenance history.

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Thorough Valuations for the Mining Sector

Functional metrics may also be assessed, including the efficiency and productivity of the assets. The asset valuer will also consider the economic metrics of the assets, such as the current market demand for the resources they produce and the cost of production.

Mitchell & Taylor use a range of methods to calculate the fair value of mining resources and equipment, such as cost-based valuation, market-based valuation, or income-based valuation. We may also consider the prevailing market conditions and any relevant regulations to arrive at a fair value.

Mining valuations carried out by Mitchell & Taylor play an essential role in determining the fair value of mining resources and equipment in Australia. Our team of experts utilise various tools and processes to quantitatively assess the operational, physical, functional, and economic metrics of assets to calculate their value. With our specialised knowledge and expertise, Mitchell & Taylor provide a valuable service, trusted throughout the mining industry.

Contact for Mining Valuations

To find out more about Mining Valuations, please contact us now. Our trusted valuers are ready discuss your specific requirements and develop a valuation strategy to suit all needs. Additionally, Mitchell & Taylor are happy to provide an obligation free consult. This helps us to understand your objectives and of course, for you to get to know us too. Whether over the phone or in person, our friendly valuers are committed to achieving the very best results for all of our clients.