Asset Valuers Across Many Industries


Australia’s leading asset valuers Mitchell & Taylor offer unrivalled expertise in valuations across many industries. These include plant, machinery, equipment, buildings and infrastructure across all industry sectors.  50% of our time during 80 years of collective valuation experience has been spent in the field gaining invaluable knowledge about our client’s assets. This knowledge has resulted in a comprehensive understanding of the technical, functional and economic factors that drive our client’s asset values. It has also taught us every industry and business have assets uniquely designed and commissioned for their specific use. It is this knowledge and the understanding of these key factors that differentiate us from other valuation services.

Asset Valuation Group of Industries

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Accurate Asset Valuations for Various Industries in Australia

In today’s dynamic business landscape, accurate and robust asset valuations play a crucial role in various industries across Australia. Whether in large corporations or small businesses, understanding the value of assets is essential for making informed decisions, optimising financial strategies and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Mitchell & Taylor understand the importance of asset valuations across all industries, which is why businesses rely on our professional asset valuers to assess their assets accurately.

Banking and Financial Services

Banks and financial institutions require accurate valuations for a variety of reasons. When businesses seek loans or financing, lenders need to assess the collateral provided, often in the form of assets. By valuing these assets, financial institutions can determine loan-to-value ratios and mitigate risks. Additionally, asset valuations assist in portfolio management, asset-based lending and the resolution of distressed assets.


Insurance companies rely on accurate asset valuations to assess the replacement or market value of insured assets. From commercial property and equipment to vehicles and fine art, accurate valuations ensure that policyholders are adequately covered and that insurance premiums are correctly determined. In case of claims, robust valuations help settle disputes and facilitate fair compensation for loss or damage.

Mergers and Acquisitions

During mergers and acquisitions (M&A), accurate asset valuations are crucial for determining the value of a target company’s assets. Valuations help buyers assess the potential synergies, identify risks, and negotiate fair purchase prices. They also aid in the valuation of intangible assets, such as intellectual property and customer relationships, which are vital in today’s knowledge-based economy.

Legal Disputes

Businesses and indeed families often require a fair asset valuation to resolve legal disputes. We provide an objective assessment of the value of assets, which is crucial for ensuring an equitable division of property. Fair asset valuations help parties involved in legal disputes make informed decisions based on accurate financial information, leading to a more satisfactory and just resolution.