Expert Witness, Dispute Resolution & Family Law Valuations

Family Law Valuations


Dispute Resolution & Family Law Valuations



Mitchell & Taylor’s valuers provide expert valuation testimony in the Supreme, Federal, Magistrates and Family Court’s. Be it business dispute settlement or Family Law Valuations, our valuers ensure a fair and robust conclusion.


Legal practitioners can engage a Mitchell & Taylor valuer with the surety and the knowledge they will receive expert valuation advice and testimony, including:


  • An expert knowledge of the appropriate valuation approaches and methodologies
  • A comprehensive knowledge of the assets and their industry
  • The ability to clearly enunciate in written and oral form the valuation assumptions and outcomes


Our expert valuer will typically be engaged in one of the following ways:


  • jointly appointed by the parties
  • solely appointed by a party
  • appointed by the court.


And can act as:


  • a single expert
  • a shadow expert
  • an additional or adversarial expert


Our valuers have experience in providing valuations and associated expert testimony in legal disputes relating to:


  • Family law
  • Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) including arbitration proceedings, mediations
  • Fixtures/Chattels disputes for rating and transfer duties
  • Taxable Australian Property disputes for CGT/Income tax purposes
  • Compulsory acquisition
  • Compensation matters
  • Litigation matters

To discover more about how the team at Mitchell and Taylor can assist with Dispute Resolution & Family Law Valuations, contact us now.