Insurance Valuations

Insurance Valuations in Australia

Certified Insurance Valuations

Why do you need Mitchell & Taylor to provide certified valuation advice for insurance purposes?


  • You are reviewing your sums insured and have not sought the professional opinion of a specialist valuer to assess your declared values
  • Your business and its asset base has changed through acquisition, internal growth or downsizing
  • You are undertaking an insurable risk assessment


Mitchell & Taylor will determine the sums insured based upon the following assumptions:


  • Replacement with new costs at the date of valuation
  • The costs of asset reinstatement during the post loss period through to the recommencement of operations
  • We can also provide indemnity values for those clients seeking this level of cover


Mitchell & Taylor provides cost-effective solutions for keeping your sums insured up to date post valuation. We provide annual desktop revaluations for years two and three to ensure:


  • the sums insured are correctly maintained
  • avoidance of the co-insurance policy clause associated with under-insurance


To find out more about an asset appraisal or any valuation for insurance purposes, get in touch now. Mitchell & Taylor Insurance Valuations.