Meet Your Expert Asset Valuer

David Mitchell

David has 40 years experience in physical asset valuations including plant, machinery, equipment, buildings and infrastructure. Throughout his career, David has managed valuation teams for some of the world’s largest finance, insurance and real estate advisory practices as well as founding his own valuation practices.


David’s breadth of experience has resulted in him being able to offer his client’s expert valuation advice across all industry groups within Australia and 25 countries worldwide.


David is a Certified Practising Asset Valuer and an examiner with the Australian Property Institute. His asset valuation methods are of the highest standards and David has even given testimony to Australian courts as an expert valuer.

David Mitchell Asset Valuer
Stuart Taylor expert in Plant & Machinery Valuations

Stuart Taylor

Stuart has over 30 years of plant & machinery valuation experience across a range of industries. Highly regarded across the industry, Stuart really is an asset valuer pro.


Setting the perfect asset valuation example, Stuart has serviced clients across the Asia Pacific Region. Indeed, his expertise comprises a broad range of valuation instructions for Australia’s top 500 companies including valuations for financial reporting, tax consolidation, purchase price allocation, insurance and mortgage lending purposes.


His industry experience covers many sectors including Agriculture, Food Manufacturing & Processing, Precision Engineering, Oil & Gas, Hotels & Leisure, Timber & Forestry, Mining, Construction, Pharmaceuticals & Infrastructure.

Brian Parton

Brian has 35 years investment markets and financial services experience.


Brian co-ordinates the valuation requirements arising from mergers & acquisitions, capital raising and off-balance sheet financing for our private equity, venture capital and investment clients.


Brian’s focus is developing and maturing Mitchell & Taylor’s client and stakeholder relationships within the financial services sector.


He is currently undertaking a Graduate Diploma-Property (Valuations).

Brian Parton Private Equity Valuations

National Valuation of Fixed Assets


As can be seen, each Asset Valuer at M & T Valuations offers a wealth of knowledge and experience, across many industries. It is this experience which allows us to provide a client with an accurate and robust asset valuation report, regardless of the industry.

Each Asset Valuer invites you to get in touch to discuss a unique asset valuation formula to suit your needs.

More information regarding Valuations can be obtain by visiting our Solutions pages or simply talk to your Mitchell and Taylor Asset Valuer to find out how we do an asset valuation?


So while we are situated in the Melbourne CBD, we venture to every corner of Australia and beyond. Demand for each asset valuer takes us to remote mines and industrial complexes across the nation, as well as businesses located in towns and cities all over.