Fixed Asset Due Diligence

Fixed Asset Due Diligence Valuers

Fixed Asset Due Diligence


When acquiring physical assets as part of a share or asset sale, Mitchell & Taylor specialise in conducting valuations and technical asset due diligence.  Gathering and analysing as much relevant technical and financial data is essential before you execute the contract. Converting the data into information can prove to be a game changer at the time of deciding what constitutes a good investment. Our experience tells us the hidden costs of not doing so, can severely impact your bottom line.


Our advice incorporates valuation and assessments of physical asset performance, profit and cost, risk and opportunity during a transaction. Our services enable investors to make fully informed decisions about the transaction prior to its close. We focus on the following key issues:


  • Operational Performance
  • Capex
  • Opex
  • Economic Lives
  • Real Estate leases
  • Depreciation Schedules/ Fixed Asset Register Verification
  • Realisation of surplus assets

For further information please contact us for a discussion on your Fixed Asset Due Diligence requirements.