Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing

Primary Industry Plant & Machinery Valuations


Mitchell & Taylor’s valuers are highly experienced in Primary Industry asset valuations. We provide asset & machinery valuation advice to all businesses in this sector. These include farmers, producers, estate owners, co-operatives, private equity, financiers and government agencies.

Our sector experience includes:

  • Aquaculture
  • Beef and Dairy Cattle
  • Citrus Growing and Packing
  • Cropping and Agricultural Support Services
  • Egg and Poultry
  • Equine Facilities
  • Fish Processing
  • Forestry, Logging and Sawmills
  • Fruit Growing and Packing
  • Hydroponics
  • Meat Processing and Boning
  • Sheep Farming
  • Turf Growing
  • Viticulture

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Machinery Valuation for Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing

Undertaking Plant and Machinery Valuations


Our plant equipment valuers are able to evaluate custom and one off machinery and equipment. Using industry comparisons as well as a deep understanding of machinery values, we provide an accurate valuation, regardless of the equipments purpose.

Mitchell & Taylor specialise in plant & machinery valuations for agriculture, forestry and fishing. Our experience in the Primary industry, enables us to accurately asses the worth of equipment and machinery used within these Australian industries. Our expertise lies in quantitatively evaluating the operational, physical, functional and economic metrics of assets to calculate a fair value outcome. Machinery valuations require a comprehensive analysis to ensure a clear and robust valuation.


Primary industries encompass agriculture, forestry and fishing, each having specific types of machinery and equipment. In agriculture, machinery such as tractors, harvesters, sprayers, and irrigation systems are commonly used. Forestry involves equipment like chainsaws, skidders, loaders and chippers to name but a few. While fishing employs vessels, nets, refrigeration and fish processing machinery.


To quantitatively assess the assets, Mitchell & Taylor employ several tools and processes. We begin by examining the operational metrics, considering factors such as the equipment’s performance history, utilisation rates and any maintenance records. This helps determine the asset’s overall efficiency and effectiveness in carrying out its intended tasks.

Agricultural Machinery Valuations
Forestry Machinery Valuations

Detailed Analysis

The physical condition of the machinery is also crucial. Your asset valuer will conduct a thorough inspection to assess its current state, identifying any signs of wear and tear, damage or required repairs. The age and remaining useful life of the machinery are taken into account to evaluate its longevity and potential for future use.


Functional metrics are assessed to understand how well the machinery aligns with the industry’s requirements. This involves analysing its compatibility with specific tasks, productivity levels, and technological advancements. The valuer will consider factors such as the equipment’s capacity, precision and overall suitability for the intended use.


Economic metrics play a vital role in machinery valuations. The valuer will analyse market conditions, including supply and demand dynamics, industry trends and any regulations or policies impacting the primary industries. We will also consider the current market value of similar machinery, taking into account factors like depreciation, inflation, and the potential resale value.

A Plant or Machinery valuation for agriculture, forestry and fishing industries plays a particular role in many business situations. In determining the fair value of equipment and machinery, valuations can be used for the buying and selling of an entity, Tax & Insurance, even legal disputes, restructuring and insolvency . Using various tools and processes Mitchell & Taylor provide a clear and robust valuation you can count on. Our expertise ensures accurate assessments that contribute to informed decision-making within the primary industry sectors.

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