Oil & Gas

The Mitchell & Taylor team are highly experienced in the Oil & Gas sector and have developed a deep understanding of the sector’s upstream, downstream, storage and retailing assets and what drives their value.

Some of the key asset valuation issues within the Oil & Gas sector:


  • Appropriate levels of Capex/Opex costs to sustain and maintain assets during their economic remaining lives
  • The measurement of asset utilisation though operational and economic considerations
  • The availability, age and condition of critical and insurance spares
  • Managing and reducing energy costs
  • Environmental management and its capital costs
  • 1P, 2P & 3P Reserves and their future economic consumption

Oil & Gas Refinery Valuations

A sample of oil & gas assets valued by our team includes:

  • Upstream Oil & Gas

    • Central processing platforms
    • Diving support vessels and tugs
    • Mobile Offshore Production Units
    • Offshore drilling platforms
    • Onshore drilling rigs
    • Onshore Gas and Oil Wells
    • Raw Gas Offshore/Onshore Pipeline
    • Shore Approach and Crossings with conventional open cut trenching and horizontal directional drilling construction methods
    • Subsea wellheads, trees, jumpers, umbilicals, mainline valves

  • Downstream Gas

    • LNG plants
    • LPG plants
    • Synthesis gas plants
    • Domestic gas production plants
    • Domestic gas conditioning plants
    • LNG gasification/regasification terminal
    • Sales Gas Pipelines

  • Downstream Crude Oil Refining

    • Crude Oil Stabilisation Plant
    • Gas units (methane, ethane, natural gas)
    • Light distillates units (LPG, gasoline, naphtha and more)
    • Middle distillates units (kerosene, jet fuel, diesel and more)
    • Heavy distillates and residue (HFO, lube oils, asphalt, wax, bitumen and more)
    • Petrochemical Plants including Polypropylene Manufacturing
    • Road Transport and Aviation Fuel Oil Storage Terminals and Pipelines
    • Road Transport Service Stations