Transport & Logistics

Logistics & Transport Valuations


Mitchell & Taylor’s valuers are highly experienced in both the national and global valuation of assets throughout the Transport & Logistics Sector. Our Transport Valuations cover all modes from Aircraft to Rail, Road and sea. For Logistics Valuations we not only assess vehicles, but tools, warehouse facilities, even the computer infrastructure. Call now and learn how to value a transport business.

Transport Valuations

A sample of the specialised assets valued by our team include:

  • Aviation

    • Air Traffic Control
    • Aircraft Ground handling equipment
    • Aircraft repair and maintenance including avionics
    • Airport Fuel handling and hydrant refuelling systems
    • Airport Inflight catering centres
    • Airport Passenger terminals
    • Airside facilities and equipment
    • Airside Infrastructure including navigation, runway and approach lighting systems
    • Cargo handling and logistics
    • Computer centres
    • Flight simulators
    • Jet engine test facilities

  • Logistics

    • General Warehousing and Cold Storage Facilities
    • Postal Service Operations

  • Rail

    • Freight Rail locomotives and rolling Stock
    • Passenger Rail locomotives and rolling stock
    • Rail infrastructure assets including Earthworks, Bridges, Culverts, Level Crossings, Signage, Fencing, Rail, Sleepers, Ballast, Turnouts and catchpoints, access roads, signalling and communications.
    • Urban Rail Diesel and Electric Multiple Unit rolling stock

  • Road

    • Interurban and Rural Bus Transport Companies
    • Road Transportation, Freight and Haulage Companies

  • Water

    • Port and Water Transport Terminal Operations
    • Water Freight Transport Companies
    • Water Passenger Transport
    • Water Transport Navigation and Towage Services