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Plant, Machinery, Equipment, Buildings and Infrastructure Asset Valuations

Mitchell & Taylor offers comprehensive physical asset valuations advice beyond a simple price assessment. The value of an asset is the amount an actual or hypothetical investor would be willing to pay to acquire the utility provided by the asset. Value is the calculated form of utility. Price is purely the amount of money interchanged in the transaction.

Our Asset Valuations team provide qualified expertise to all industry sectors, from sole proprietors to multinational businesses and their advisors.

Our KPI’s are:


years of collective valuation experience


Valuation projects




Industry Sectors


Specific industries


Individual assets valued

Current Valuation Requirements

Our certified practising valuers assess the core requirements of a valuation engagement and provide cost-effective solutions to meet our client’s specific needs. Our experience tells us new and existing clients are motivated to obtain physical asset valuations advice for one or more of the following requirements:

Real Industry Valuation Expertise – Results in transparent and quantitative reporting

The Mitchell & Taylor Asset Valuations Group provide plant, machinery, equipment, buildings and infrastructure valuations across all industry sectors including:

Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing
Arts, Entertainment & Recreation
Consumer Goods, Retail & IT
Education & Training
Food & Beverage
Healthcare & Pharma
Hospitality & Leisure
Industrial Production & Manufacturing
Infrastructure Assets
Mining & Resources
Oil & Gas
Print & Media
Pulp, Paper & Packaging
Transport & Logistics
Real Industry Asset Valuations
5 Steps to Asset Valuations

We provide turn-key valuation solutions for our clients and partner with asset valuations experts in the following areas:

  • Real Estate including land
  • Businesses, Companies and Firms
  • Intangibles including goodwill, customer relationships, assembled workforce, brands, IP etc
  • Software
  • Antiques and Collectable Asset Valuations

Our 5 Step Valuation Model

We offer a deep industry knowledge and experience to all of our existing and prospective clients. The key to all asset valuations is a quantitative assessment of the physical assets. In our view no two clients are the same. Our structured approach allows us to discover the unique operational, technical, economic and financial characteristics for our clients assets and translate these into a formal valuation outcome.


This approach is Mitchell & Taylor’s primary point of difference and we leave no stone unturned in delivering our clients robust, defendable and certified advice.

Project Management

Understanding our client’s valuation objectives enables us to deliver a cost effective and timely project. Communicating our project plan to all stakeholders is the key to a successful valuation exercise.

Physical Asset Data

We conduct physical asset inspections to establish quantitative asset data. In our view commencing asset valuations with data sources such as unverified fixed asset registers (FAR) can result in significant valuation inaccuracies. Why? Because we have established unverified FAR's have an average of 52% data inaccuracy (go to Solutions-FAR Verification)


We have extensive cost, market and technical databases/libraries. As every valuation exercise is different we supplement existing research with the latest research into modern technology costs, operational and financial metrics, market values and trends.


The conversion of our quantitative asset data and research into robust valuation advice.


Our valuation reports are a clear and concise representation of our findings, assumptions and value opinions. They are checked for factual accuracy and peer reviewed by our valuation team. Asset valuations are prepared in accordance with standards issued by the International Valuation Standards Committee (IVSC) and Australian Property Institute (API).