Starting a business during a pandemic

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Starting a business during a pandemic

Starting a Professional Services business during a pandemic and associated lockdowns was indeed a challenge.

A challenge Plant, Machinery & Equipment valuers David Mitchell and Stuart Taylor recognised as an opportunity.

They knew their 70 plus years of specific valuation and physical asset knowledge could not be accurately replicated by current valuation trends such as manipulating historic capital costs contained in often outdated Fixed Asset Registers or Depreciation Schedules.

We decided to act and Mitchell & Taylor Valuations was formed with a focus on providing asset owners with expertise, not just in physical asset valuation but in pertinent areas such as asset due diligence, asset register data cleansing & reconstruction.

One year later in a market awash with funds and stimulated by Federal Government tax incentives, we are delighted to inform you that our focus on physical assets has resulted in our services & expertise being retained by ASX 200 Companies, Private Equity, Private Sector owners and Sole Proprietors to highlight a few.

We look forward to supporting our existing and new clients with comprehensive Physical Asset Valuation, Data Reconstruction and Due Diligence advice.

Mitchell & Taylor Valuations … converting experience into expertise in Plant, Machinery & Equipment Valuations across all industry sectors.